Victors Taekwondo Academy & Fitness Center

Victors Taekwondo Academy & Fitness Center (VTAAFC) was formed with an intention of promoting various fitness & sports related programs. Active in this field for over a 8years the center has to its credit of successfully promoting players to District, State , National, & International level championships organizing seminars to players ,coaches, and referees under Korean grand masters, conducting self defence programs for womens. giving our best service for Karnataka State Taekwondo players conducting state camps for top players in preparation for national level championships.
  • Trainers are National gold medal winners
  • Trainers trained in Sports Authority of India (S.A.I)
  • Trainers are head coach of Karnataka state team in national level championships
  • Coaching classes are conducted by professionally well experienced qualified trainers.
We teach traditional martial arts, but with a modern “twist.” Our focus is on overall wellness, defensive training, life skills, and life philosophy.
We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality training available in a positive learning environment.

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Our objective is to not only teach you self-defense, but to help you in all aspects of your life. Our classes build focus, inner strength, and determination in people of all ages.

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Master John victor.G Founder and Chief instructor for Victors Taekwondo Academy & Fitness Center (VTAAFC) Bangalore. Trained under many international coaches ( korea, irans world champion, Olympic champions and top coaches of India,) started learning Taekwondo from the age of 8 and has been training for more than 22 years. Has won several Gold medals in District, State , National level championships He is an 5th Degree Black Belt,from kukkiwon (THE WORLD TAEKWONDO HEAD QUARTERS SOUTH KOREA)
Master john victor.G has a passion for martial arts that has taken him to work in south korea as a taekwondo trainer for many reputed taekwondo training centers in south korea .
He is also an National Referee certified by the Taekwondo Federation of India .
One thing that Master john victor really enjoys is sharing his knowledge and experience of martial arts and fitness training programs with all of his students. The programs at Victors Taekwondo Academy & Fitness Center (VTAAFC) are designed for all ages and skill levels. He feels that children, adults and seniors can benefit from martial arts.
Throughout the years, Master John victor.G has also trained many of his students to be the best that they can be. With there busy timing schools collages work . Some students are medal winners in District, State , National & International level championships ,certified instructors, and overall just productive citizens.
Master JOHN VICTOR.G emphasizes a focus on not only self defense and fitness, but also on the philosophy of self-improvement.
Victors Taekwondo Academy & Fitness Center

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